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At right is a picture of the Redding Adventist Academy choir performing at our November 12 worship service. Below that is a picture from the June 18 children’s story with Bruce the penguin.

And below that are pictures of Adventurer Club Sabbath, June 25, 2011.


Click here to see pictures of our February 26 worship service featuring the elementary

and junior high music students from Redding Adventist Academy.


     Our worship service begins at 11 am. This week, September 15, our service will

be presented by Pastor Ron Cook whose sermon is “Hope When Doubting.”

Click here to see this week’s order of service.


     Most Protestants will be instantly comfortable with our service. For

others, particularly non-Christians, it may be a new experience.

     We begin with a short musical prelude that is followed by

announcements, usually given by the pastor. A couple of minutes are

then spent in greeting each other.

     The congregation joins in singing the Introit while the service

participants come onto the platform. One of the elders gives an

Invocation, a prayer for God’s presence and blessing on the service.

The congregation sings an Invocation response.

     Songs of Praise follow, again sung by the congregation. These are

chosen to illustrate the sermon. We use music from the Seventh-day

Adventist Hymnal as well as more contemporary praise songs. This

segment concludes with a musical Call to Prayer, during which time any who

want may go to the front and kneel for prayer. Others will kneel at their seats.

The prayer is a time of praise and petitions to God for specific prayer

requests. A musical prayer response follows.

     At the conclusion of the prayer a children’s song is played. The boys and

girls go to the rear of the room where they pick up small baskets which they

carry down the aisles collecting an offering that is credited to our Mission

Fund. This fund helps pay expenses for our members who go on short-term

mission trips. The Children’s Sermon follows—a story that is usually tied

thematically to the day’s sermon.

     A musical selection is next, either a vocal or instrumental selection,

usually with one to four performers.

     A scripture, chosen by the speaker to complement the sermon, is read 

by a member of the congregation. The sermon follows, most often

presented by the pastor. The closing hymn is also chosen to emphasize the


     The service closes with a benediction by the speaker.




     Seventh-day Adventists practice open Communion. Every person who

accepts Jesus as their personal Savior is welcome to participate. In practice

no one will question your eligibility.

     Unlike most Christians Seventh-day Adventists practice a foot-washing

service as part of Communion. Men, women, and families go to separate

rooms where basins and towels are provided. Participants pair up to wash

each others feet. This follows the example of Jesus who washed the

disciples feet prior to the Last Supper. Foot washing is a symbolic cleansing

and is an opportunity for things to be made right between participants if

necessary. Participation in the foot washing is voluntary and is not required

to participate in the rest of the service. There are always those who stay 

behind and no discomfort need be felt by those who choose not to


     Following the foot washing we reassemble in the church auditorium

where the bread and wine (non-alcoholic) are distributed to each

participant. Relevant scriptures are read in conjunction with the

consumption of the bread and unfermented wine. Also following the

example of scripture a hymn is sung to conclude the service. In general

no benediction is pronounced. Some congregations collect an offering as

people leave that is used for helping the needy.


Our next Communion service will be December 17.






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