Bible Studies

A significant part of the Saturday morning Sabbath School programs is Bible study classes. These classes are age-appropriate with the youngest children being engaged in hands-on, visual lessons on one end and a class-room discussion format for adults on the other. Several Bible Study programs are available:

Click here for more information about Sabbath School, including links to study materials and to the Adventist children’s magazines.

Click here for information about Small Groups Bible study .

Following are other options for home study (click on the one[s] you are interested in): covers the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 16 online lessons. focuses on end-time prophecies. has 21 English versions of the Bible and dozens of foreign versions. has Bible studies for children. is for adults. is another series for children. provides studies on your cell phone.

Some of the above sites also allow you to sign up for study-by-mail lessons. Or click here to receive Bible lessons from Discover Bible School. These lessons, developed by the Voice of Prophecy, are mailed from Redding. Ask for adult or children’s lessons and include your address.

These sites have information about Ellen G. White: 

The Truth about Ellen G. White

The Ellen G. White Estate