“Do you realize that when you become a Christian, your body became a temple for the Holy Spirit? His presence in you is a gift to you from God! So you’re no longer in charge of your body to do with it as you please. Your body belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. You’ve been bought with a price which no human can pay. Therefore, honor the One who paid the price for you, because now you belong to him.”  I Cor. 6:19, 20

Seventh-day Adventist Christians, then, practice good health to protect our minds and bodies for the dwelling place of the Spirit of God.  God’s principles of health are designed for our enjoyment of a healthy full life and a keen clear mind to understand and appreciate the great themes of his saving grace and salvation.  

A few of these principles are the blessings of exercise, healthy diet, sunlight, pure water, fresh air and a drug-free stimulant-free lifestyle.  We believe in abstinence in that which is harmful and moderation in that which is good. Therefore we reject tobacco and alcohol use in any amount and abstaining from unclean flesh foods.  
Good stewardship principles for our health, also invites us to live simply and economically. Our recreational pursuits and entertainment will be pure and follow the principles in Phil. 4:8. “Finally my brothers, fill your minds with things that are true, honest and just. Think about things that are noble, pure and lovely.  Focus on good reports about others. If any good has happened or there’s any reason to praise man or God, think about those things.”

Our lives are to be ones of loving service to those around us, motivated by our Creator and Friend – Jesus Christ.  We live to minister and be a blessing as He was.  To this end we seek to have healthy bodies and clear minds to take the “Good News” of His kingdom to a sin-sick and perishing world. Therefore, “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do everything to honor God.”  1 Cor. 10:31.

We at the Redding Seventh-day Adventist Church periodically present health lectures, workshops and seminars to promote a healthier lifestyle.  Please check our Events page for our current schedule.