Sabbath School

Sabbath School is one of the oldest institutions in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It meets before the Worship Service in most congregations. At the Redding Seventh-day Adventist Church our Sabbath School programs start at 9:30 am and end at 10:40 am. 

We have Sabbath School classes for all ages: 

Tiny Tots (ages 0—3) 
The Jesus-centered program features a lot of movement and music. Segments are short to fit a short attention span. The program is repetitive for a full quarter so that the children become comfortable with what they are doing and what to expect. 

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Kindergarten (ages 4—6) 
In the Kindergarten Sabbath School we sing songs, we have a different nature theme each quarter, we learn about different Bible stories and memorize verses, and we sometimes do crafts, too! 

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Primary (ages 7—9) 
This class focuses on helping the children to read Bible stories for themselves. We also sing, share prayer requests, memorize Bible verses and do activities that relate to the Bible story we are reading. 

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Juniors* (age 10—sixth grade) and Early Teens* (grades seven and eight) 
In Junior/Early Teen Sabbath School we are especially interested in Bible study. For each week’s lesson we read the story straight from the Bible and discuss how we can apply the principles to our lives today. 

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*Juniors and Early Teens are currently meeting together. 

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The adult Sabbath School mission emphasis for November 30 begins at 9:30 am. Classes begin at about 9:50 am—10 am. The usual adult Sabbath School program begins with a mission-oriented presentation. As often as possible we have personal stories. We also make extensive use of videos to show people working in all parts of the world. We have a wide definition of “missions” that includes traditional missionaries, usually working in other countries. We include local people who have been on short trips that often involve building projects as well as evangelism meetings, vacation Bible school, etc. Other subjects have included the local mission, the women’s refuge, Wycliffe Bible translators, and more. 

We also have an adult Spanish speaking Sabbath School class for the Spanish-speaking population and all those who would like to learn Spanish.  

After the mission presentation we go to small Bible study classes. Most of these follow the curriculum in the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide. The lessons have a different emphasis each quarter. 

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Standard English
English Easy Reading
Sabbath School University
Spanish Sabbath School
International Bible Study Guides