Mission Work in Guatemala

The purpose of Broken Chains for Humanity is to help children and their families in Guatemala who are in bondage to disease, poverty, and ignorance. Through medical work, education, and evangelism, we endeavor to help those who are in bondage to find freedom in the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.
The mission work in and around Jalapa, Guatemala has been going on since 2006 with other Churches involved. The Redding Church has been actively involved for the past three years. Every time a Church member goes on a mission trip to Guatemala something changes in his or her heart. When the church member returns there is a greater desire to not only support mission work, but also to support the work of the local Church.
Each trip brings it's own miracles. Many Guatemalans are not only physically improved but find Jesus as well and are baptized. The fields are white for harvest in Guatemala! Each trip brings amazing results!
The Redding Church donors have been very generous in supporting and purchasing an ambulance to be used as a medical mobile clinic with our new hospital and clinic. That's right! A wealthy unnamed donor in Guatemala City has donated 18 acres of prime land so that we can build a hospital and clinic for those who can not afford medical care. We will also build a cafeteria for many children living and finding food at a dump. They will have at least one hot meal a day. All medical care and food will be free!
On our last mission trip the land was dedicated to the Lord's work on April 14, 2014. Church members were gathered for the ceremony from the United States, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.
The ambulance will be sent to Guatemala  as more funds are donated to transport the ambulance to it's destination. Donations are also needed to build the clinic, hospital, and cafeteria.
To learn how you can help and get involved with Broken Chains for Humanity click HERE and you will be taken to their web site. Broken Chains for Humanity is a 501(c)3 non profit and all funds are tax deductible. Thank you for your support and prayers!